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As New Orleans natives with a passion for events, a love for community, and a desire to make an impact, childhood friends Jessica and Malain joined forces with a simple idea of bringing hope and joy to those in need. With over two decades of combined experience in the hospitality and event industry nationwide, they had seen countless floral arrangements made for special events go to waste once the event had finished. In an effort to prevent floral waste and promote the reuse of such beauty, Hope Blooms NOLA was formed to inspire hope, happiness and healing through the sharing of repurposed flowers.


As a socially and environmentally responsible organization, Hope Blooms is dedicated to healing through the power of flowers while reducing floral waste. Through the repurposing and sharing of floral arrangements from weddings, social, and corporate events, Hope Blooms NOLA will lift spirits and show compassion by delivering florals to those in a time of need and recovery.

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